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16 reasons to go to London8 min read

Is London a nice place to visit or to live in?

Are there good reasons to come to London?

We believe there are tons of excellent reasons to come to London.

We give you some below and hope they will convince you to at least visit this city bursting with energy and creativity.

The London Eye is one of London’s most popular landmarks


There are many landmarks to keep you busy. There are too many to name but you can access a list here. You will be glad to see many of them so you will finally know what Big Ben is. After your visit, please don’t say the tower…


There are a lot of parks in London. They make the city green and beautiful.

It’s very easy to escape the busy city life and feel closer to nature.

And parks are also great for walks and for picnics with friends.

Here are a few.

There are many big, small or medium parks in London

Cultural life and entertainment

There is much to say about London’s cultural and entertainment industry so we will keep it short otherwise you could keep reading for another 10 years.

You can go to the theatre, to concerts, clubbing. Basically, there is enough for you to do every night and all year round.

DSC_1281 copy
Trying a seaweed pancake at a South Korean restaurant

Eating and drinking out

London being in Britain is not exactly known for its culinary prowess.

But we should not be too judgemental. London is a cosmopolitan city and as such provides great food from all around the world. One example… we didn’t know much about South Korean food. And by eating at SuperStar BBQ we discovered that it’s very tasty and that we love Kimchi (pickled cabbage), Pa jeon (seafood pancake) and several other dishes we have never heard of. If you visit or live in London, open your mind to new cultures and discover their amazing cuisine.

Buskers and street artists

You can see street performers in places like Covent Garden or Leicester Square. And they usually are pretty good at what they do.

The fun bit is…they make the public take part. So you might be called in to participate in one of the acts. This will give the opportunity for some nice picture moments.

Who needs money?

Buskers and street artists are free to watch (although we recommend you give a few coins to show your appreciation).

But there are many other FREE or cheap things to do in London.

You can read about some ideas here:

The Olympic Park at night


A lot of money has been invested in the city so no part of London is left behind.

Several parts of London are being regenerated. For example: Stratford, Walthamstow, Brixton, Croydon etc.

Nowadays, anywhere you go in London there is some cool and interesting stuff to do.

Take East London for example….it used to be known as a no-go area but now it has become a somewhere-you-must-go-too area. Don’t avoid it based on some old clichés. We recommend you visit the Olympic Park based in Stratford. You’re guaranteed a great day out.

Two of London’s (relatively) new transport systems – The cable car and the driver-less DLR trains

Public transport

Londoners criticise the Tube a lot. And we also do occasionally (mostly due to the fact that the price increases almost every year). However, one has to take one step back and realise that the London transport system is pretty good and convenient. And with new services like Crossrail, commuting to work or travelling across London will be a piece of cake…

London also has a Cable car which is not only a brilliant transport method but also provides you with a great view of London.

The transport system brings you everywhere in London. You don’t need a car.

Another asset of the London transport system is the double-decker… the iconic London bus. You have to hop on board and head to the second floor. From there you will have a fantastic view of London.

It’s amazing how much you can see from that view point. You will see the city in a way you would not be able to see it if you were on foot or in a car.


If you are a history buff you’ll be in paradise. There are historical buildings all across the city. Even some pubs look like some kind of historical building. To name but a few you have the House of Parliament, Saint Pauls, Westminster Abbey etc.

In London history is everywhere.

You could combine a historical building visit with entertainment – all in one visit!


Do you like shopping?

Then we guess you’ll love spending your time at places like: Harrods, Westfield, Carnaby Street, Oxford Street, Regent Street and the different markets like Portobello Market etc.

What’s interesting about shopping in London is not only do you have a lot of places where you can go to but it’s also the variety. You can buy some old vintage clothes or the most recent Burberry items in just a short walk.

Career opportunities

Many of us come to London because we have learnt that it’s a city that offers a lot of job opportunities. Competition is fierce in London but there are indeed a lot of opportunities. Your next job might be ‘waiting’ for you in the capital…

To increase your chances of getting a job, make sure you apply the strategies that work though.

The Sun (the star, not the newspaper)

No actually that one is a joke. London is not very sunny. But… soon as there is a tiny bit of sun the energy in the city becomes even more electrifying. People are just suddenly very relaxed and in a good mood. Pubs with a beer garden get filled quickly and you can see everyone enjoying their drink and having a good time. Parks also become full with people out to enjoy themselves.

The people

It is debatable whether Londoners are friendly people or not. We’ve had both people being extremely nice and helpful to us to the point we asked ourselves if they were genuine….but we’ve also had to deal with rude people pushing us in the public transport and not apologising (of course not! 😡).

But one thing we can agree on is Londoners are an amazing bunch. After all, current and past Londoners have helped/are helping shape this vibrant city. Without them we would not see creativity and fantastic displays at every corner.


Diversity is one of the aspects we like the most about London.

People speak different languages and you can try different types of food, buy different nations’ traditional clothes and join different Meetup groups. Fancy learning some French? Then join a French Meetup group in London.

There are many cultures that live here and if you are the curious type, you can learn a few things from several places without travelling there. That could hopefully develop your thirst for travels. This will enrich your life and your mind.

This conveniently brings us to… can travel anywhere….

Travel abroad

A bit of a paradoxical comment (since we’re a blog about London) but nevertheless a great point…

You can travel to countless destinations from London.

For example: you can take the Eurostar and two hours later you’re in France or Belgium.

Or you can take a plane and two hours later you’re in sunny Spain or sunny Italy. Jump on a train and 3 or 4 hours later you’re in beautiful Scotland.

And you can also go to Africa, Australia, India, the US etc. Using one of the 5 airports (Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, Gatwick and City Airport) you can travel virtually to any destination you want.

This possibility to go anywhere around the world from London is fantastic because you can discover the world and then come back to London and realise how lucky you are.

The unexpected

You never fully know London. Even when you think you’ve seen a lot of the city, if you decide to go out, you will still discover some new things. In other words, you can never know London fully. This city always surprises you or teaches you something. This is a city that keeps your curiosity ‘on high alert’ and this is our kind of city where the unexpected has to be expected.


We’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to the reasons to come to London.

Some people say that London is a place anyone should visit at least once in their life time. We couldn’t agree more. Make that first visit and we are sure you will find millions more reasons that we can add to our list. And who knows, you might even want to live here too 🙂




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