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Month: November 2017

The biggest selection of Christmas decorations

When it comes to getting Christmas decorations, there is one place that is like no other in London. That place is Cattlegate Road in Enfield. This is an amazing place where you will be able to find an impressive selection of Christmas decorations, trees and lights. There you will be able to find everything to make…

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The best London gift for Christmas

It’s the end of November already. Here we are only one month away from Christmas. Another year that has gone by very quickly, unbelievably quickly in fact. Is time accelerating? We seriously wonder sometimes. Anyway, if it does accelerate, you’d better rush to get those Christmas gifts. Luckily, here comes London Undiscovered to the rescue! A…

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A new Oxford Circus

Oxford Street / Oxford Circus is a well-known shoppers’ Mecca but it can be quite stressful to shop there. Pedestrians need to avoid the buses, the cars, the bicycles, the motorcycles if they want to ‘survive’ and get to their favourite shops. What if there was a way to transform this shopper’s Mecca into a shopper’s…

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Pocket living

If you are desperate to buy a property in London but don’t have the resources to do so there might be a possibility for you. An interesting idea has been put forward by a property developer called Pocket Living. Basically, it gives the opportunity for people to get on the property ladder at a discount compared…

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