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Month: January 2018

The landlord checker

The number of tenants is expected to increase in the next few years. Unfortunately, the increase in the number of tenants does not translate into an increase in the quality of rental accommodations. We could almost say it’s the opposite since some landlords know that they can treat tenants badly and still find tenants desperate enough…

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AirBnB for luggage

Imagine you travel to London. You get an accommodation in Ilford (= East London, close to the Olympic Park). The day you leave your checkout is at 10 AM, you cannot leave your luggage at the place where you were staying (= you’ve been properly ‘kicked out’) and you wanted to visit a museum in Central…

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London air quality

London is a big city with a lot of traffic and of course factories etc. This can sometimes bring some air pollution problems. But not all areas of London face the same level of pollution for any given time. If you would like to know the pollution level for an area you will travel to or…

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Positive London

Hello Everybody! We at London Undiscovered would like to wish you a Wonderful 2018 and hope this year is off to a flying and positive start! Positivity is the idea that we would like to convey in our first post of the year. There is so much negative energy around and emanating from the gloomy and…

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