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6 Ice cream places not to miss in London5 min read

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We are going to state the obvious but…..London is not exactly a sunny place.

Unless you’re Australian you don’t really wear flip flops on the streets of the capital in seasons other than ‘summer’.

What’s more surprising than Australians in flip flops in winter (!) though is people selling ice creams in winter (!!). But wait there’s “worse”…there are people actually buying those ice creams in winter!!!!

Anyway, we love London with its weird and colourful people 🙂

However, we’ll stick to eating ice creams when the weather is hot enough.

And now is a good time! Or at least now is an ok time to do so.

That’s why we’re going to tell you all about the places where you can eat some tasty (and also unusual) ice creams in the capital….don’t wait for it to melt, read on!

DSC_0294 copy
Sensations’ interior
DSC_0288 copy
A Sensational range…


We had ice creams at Sensations. The place is nice and they have some comfortable sofas and chairs. We know you won’t go there because their sofa range is as good as Ikea’s but it’s always a bonus, isn’t it?

The ice creams are tasty and they have a wide variety.

It is also a great place for kids’ parties, where they get to play and eat their favourite ice cream (and other desserts).


We learnt that Udderlicious was a great ice cream place so we decided to go there.

When we arrived this is what we saw…..

DSC_0300 copy
expect queues here on a hot summer day

What you cannot really see is that there were even more people inside…

Sadly, that day we couldn’t afford to wait so we had to give up (we’ll try again though). But judging by the queue and what we have read about it…we definitely recommend the place.

DSC_1186 copy
Fried ice cream… mmmm!

Fried ice cream

If the day is not too hot, you may want to opt for a hot ice cream. What on earth is that, you say? What we mean is fried ice cream – hot on the outside but cold inside. Basically, a scoop of ice cream (= cold) is inside a warm crust (= warm), which is deep fried. It is shaped in the form of a ball, placed in a bowl and can be served with coconut milk. It’s very tasty and quite light.

It’s not clear who invented the fried ice cream (maybe the Japanese?…there are conflicting stories about its origin) but in London you should head to Chinatown if you want to eat some.

DSC_1184 copy

DSC_1180 copy


Many of us have allergies to gluten, dairy, egg, nut etc.

Does this mean we should be denied ice creams on hot sunny days when our friends are happily licking their cones?…. Nope and thankfully Yorica came up with a great idea to solve this unfair problem.

They have created a range of ice creams that are free from different elements so that (nearly) everybody can enjoy an ice cream. It is worth noting that their ice creams taste great and that they do have strong flavours too. You basically wouldn’t feel any difference compared to any other tasty ‘standard’ ice cream around.

They explain their concept very well so let’s have them tell us what they are all about in their own words:

Ice cream (2) copy

Jamaica Patty Co.

Jamaica Patty Co (JPC) is also a great place for ice cream. Their ice creams are made with ingredients coming straight from Jamaica. And yes, you can taste the strong flavours. We had the best mango ice cream we’ve ever had! We got a chance to try a few others and they were just as excellent! For example: rum & raisin, coconut and even ginger. We never tried ginger ice cream before and we think everybody should give it a go (even if you normally don’t like ginger). Really delicious!

DSC_1206 copy DSC_1203 copy

When we think that this place was not on our radar….what a miss this would have been!

We were on our way to another ice cream place when one of the employees stopped us on the street to try their Jamaican patties. We explained we were more after ice creams. But she indicated they have some too. She was friendly so we went along.

In the end we bought both some ice cream and patties!

JPC is located on New Row (= Covent Garden area) and has been around for 3 years and we hope they will be around for many years to come.

La Gelatiera

Gelatiera is also on New Row and is actually next door to JPC. It’s another great place you need to know about. They offer different flavours which you will not find anywhere else. The flavours we tried were: basil & chili, chocolate & chili, Eton mess and mysterious charcoal. We particularly liked the chocolate & chili since it had a strong chocolate taste with a little kick…

DSC_1213 copy
the crazy but utterly delicious range

They change their flavours every few days, but they always come up with some unique flavours like beer, vinegar, fennel etc. How on earth do they come up with such weird ideas and make them so delicious?!!

Let’s not think too much about it but the great thing is….it works because their ice creams are unique and tasty!

They won a Taste award. After trying them…we now know why!:-)

Expect some queue on a hot summer day since the place is popular for its amazing artisan ice creams, fresh ground coffee and a friendly service.

DSC_1209 copy


In London, the summer is between now (end of June) and (if lucky) September.

When the sun is out, treat yourself with a nice ice cream.

This is so enjoyable. Almost therapeutic…

The only negative thing is that summers in London are short and so are the periods you feel like having an ice cream. Such a shame that great experiences can’t last longer or forever!…

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