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It’s absurd! Shakespeare is NOT dead!3 min read

Shakespeare’s spirit lives on

We have been told for nearly 400 years that Shakespeare is dead.

But there is very little evidence of that if we consider the amount of references made about him and his work. Shakespeare is everywhere…in movies, theatres, ads, and songs. There are even apps dedicated to Shakespeare. For example, the Shakespeak app lets you add a little Shakespearean touch to your text messages and the RE:Shakespeare app enables you to remix Shakespeare prose rap style. More surprising, this app has been developed by the Royal Shakespeare Company! Talking of Shakespeare and Hip Hop, check this introduction video from THSC.

Yes, his body might have extinguished 400 years ago but his legacy lives on.

You see, for us (and millions of people around the world) Shakespeare’s spirit is alive so let’s celebrate him as a way to thank him for his legacy!

And celebrate you can! Here’s how…

Which websites are best for advice?

2016 could be called The Shakespeare Year. In a normal year, there would be tons of ways to celebrate The Bard in London but this year it seems that things have reached an entire new level. In 2016, there are and will be countless events that will take place and many celebrities will celebrate Shakespeare from Sophie Okonedo & Judi Dench to Ian McKellen and the list goes on.

DSC_0531 copy
The Globe in 2016

In this context, it is hard for us to suggest where to go (otherwise this post would have been very very long). What we will do instead is give you the best sources that indicate what’s on, when and where. So, here’s the list:

  • Shakespeare’s Globe in London: this is the website of the Shakespeare’s Globe in London so as you can imagine there is tons of information about Shakespeare related events. This link will show you everything that takes place. And it’s not only plays. There are reading sessions, short films, exhibitions, family events, the World Shakespeare Congress, a Teachers’ Conference etc. Also, when you’ll visit the Globe’s website, make sure you read about The Complete Walk. It is generally accepted that Shakespeare wrote 37 plays so the idea behind The Complete Walk is simple… 37 films (lasting 10 minutes each) will be screened along the 2.5 mile stretch between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 April.

  • Shakespeare 400: this is a well-designed and exhaustive website that gives information about the celebrations at the Globe in London (and also several other UK places as well). The way to use this useful website is to use the Search box (top right) and type London in it. That way you will get a list of events taking place in London such as performances, talks and conferences.


  • Royal Shakespeare Company: the Royal Shakespeare Company’s website is another great website that will give you some information about plays, events, tours, exhibitions, family activities and education. Just go to the website, click on What’s On & Book Tickets and then select London as the place you are interested in. It will show you everything that is going on in London so you will just have to select what you are interested in.

These websites are valuable sources of information if you want to know about what’s being done to celebrate Shakespeare on the 400th anniversary of his death. On top of the sources above, you could also visit other websites such as: TimeOut, Barbican (type Shakespeare in the Search box) and the City of London.

We hope they will truly help you organise a ‘drama-full’ and memorable celebration that Shakespeare himself would be proud of!


Are you interested in Shakespeare? Will you take part in celebrations?

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