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Addicted to London – Our new T-shirt range1 min read

The hot weather is approaching.
Today, Wednesday 15th March 2017 is actually sunny.
How lucky?! The sun is back on the day we have decided to launch our t-shirt range!
Talk of perfect timing (or rather sheer luck)….
Anyway, hide those winter jumpers and think t-shirts instead!

We have decided to launch two t-shirts with a common topic “Addicted to London”. We all love London and to various degrees are addicted to this city.
What a better way to proudly display it than wearing a funny and witty t-shirt about London?

The two t-shirts we are launching are available on the Teespring platform (a reliable platform on which countless people sell and buy t-shirts). You can chose the colour of the t-shirt too!

Here are our two designs:

The first design

Go out and about and chase the landmarks!

Get the first design by clicking here or on the picture above.

The second design

It’s so easy to have a good time in London that you want to take it with you.

Get the second design by clicking here or on the picture above.

If you read our blog, which is about London, chances are you are addicted to London. So be bold and show your ‘addiction’! 🙂
We put a lot of effort in making sure these t-shirts are cool and with a touch of humour & wit so you can be proud of wearing them.
We hope you will like the t-shirts and even better that you will feel happy to get one (or both) to wear around London or anywhere else. Please, let us know which is your favourite design in the comments below.

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