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AirBnB for luggage2 min read

Imagine you travel to London. You get an accommodation in Ilford (= East London, close to the Olympic Park). The day you leave your checkout is at 10 AM, you cannot leave your luggage at the place where you were staying (= you’ve been properly ‘kicked out’) and you wanted to visit a museum in Central London before your flight back home. What do you do with your luggage? Where do you leave it? Pretty problematic, isn’t it?

Well, not anymore because here comes CityStasher to the rescue!
CityStasher sees itself as the ‘Airbnb for luggage’.
It’s one of those great ideas brought to us by the sharing economy.
It’s basically a network of shops/businesses/hotels (called StashPoints) across London (and also Europe) that enable travellers to store their luggage for a few hours before checking-in or after checking-out of an accommodation. It’s a brilliant idea that solves an annoying problem. It’s hard to fully enjoy sightseeing when you have to carry your luggage around. Besides, some places (like museums) do not accept them for security reasons. So using them makes life easier and more enjoyable. Another benefit is that not having to carry any luggage enables you to move faster so you get to see more of the place you’re visiting.

This is a mad idea!

This idea might sound crazy. After all, you might think who will be interested in using CityStasher? But CityStasher has now been around since September 2015 and has recently raised $1.1M of seed money (investor money). Not bad at all! Not to mention that they also have the support of Big Yellow Storage (with which they work with) and that thousands have used and enjoyed their services.

Is it safe and is it cheap?

Are you worried about your luggage?
Know that all the Stashpoints have a secure area for storing luggage and that each luggage is given a uniquely numbered security seal for the zip. Besides, in the unlikely event something was to happen to your luggage, know that it is covered up to £750 which should be enough for most non-dodgy luggage. Also, know that their service is 50% cheaper than what stations offer. If you’re still wondering whether this type of service could be for you or not, visit their FAQ section which is pretty exhaustive.

At London Undiscovered we like videos so naturally we have one short one to show you about CityStasher and the benefits of using it 🙂

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