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The best London gift for Christmas1 min read

It’s the end of November already. Here we are only one month away from Christmas.
Another year that has gone by very quickly, unbelievably quickly in fact. Is time accelerating? We seriously wonder sometimes. Anyway, if it does accelerate, you’d better rush to get those Christmas gifts.
Luckily, here comes London Undiscovered to the rescue!

A few months ago, we decided to launch our t-shirt range.
We designed 2 cool t-shirts that we hope you will be proud to offer your loved ones for Christmas.
So, if you are looking for a present idea, look no further!
Simply visit our page here or click on the images below and show your thoughtfulness by offering one of the coolest London t-shirts around!

It’s so easy to have a good time in London that you want to take it with you.
Have you chased the most famous monuments in London and barely had a rest…? Then you are addicted to London.

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