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The biggest selection of Christmas decorations1 min read

When it comes to getting Christmas decorations, there is one place that is like no other in London. That place is Cattlegate Road in Enfield.
This is an amazing place where you will be able to find an impressive selection of Christmas decorations, trees and lights.
There you will be able to find everything to make Christmas magical.

So why is it so great?

The Wyevale center is iconic with it’s real size mill

There are several garden centres on Cattlegate road spread on both sides of the road. We’ve actually never seen so many garden centres in such a short distance. They are called garden centres, but they don’t only have garden related items. They are more of a symbiosis of a garden centre + shopping centre. There are various types of shops – clothes, equipment, food, etc.
At this time of the year (November), most of them offer a wide range of Christmas-theme items to help you make your house look all Christmassy 🙂

We’ve taken some pix to show you what we mean….

In Woldens you can find the largest selection of Christmas trees, tinsel, baubles, feathers and anything else that your heart desires for a truly special Christmas time (see following images)


We found a gigantic snowman on the way to Cattlegate road





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