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Our Blogaversary4 min read

A year ago, we decided to embark on a crazy little adventure… to create a blog about London! Yes, London Undiscovered is already 1 year old!!
We had been living in London for more than 20 years combined but still were discovering things about this amazing city on a weekly basis. So we thought…why not share our adventures with the world? At least the parts of the world interested in our discoveries and mishaps.

We’ve had some fun and tasty research projects 😛

We embarked on this adventure a bit naively. We didn’t know much about blogging. But we got to understand more and how multi-faceted it is. While it’s interesting and exciting, there is also a huge amount of work involved: live the moments (= the fun part :)), take pictures, edit the pictures, write the stories, make videos, edit the videos, master the art of social media, train on various topics to acquire better skills etc. And all that on top of our full time jobs!

This week we’ve decided to dedicate this post to showing you our best experiences/moments for this first year and  the next steps for the blog and more.
This has been an adventure-rich year. We have enjoyed every bit of it – except maybe the freezing cold and rainy days 🙂

We have visited many cafes trying to warm up and re-charge (camera and own batteries)

Our first post in 2016 was about the Olympic park in Stratford. We spent days picking the topic of the first post as we wanted it to symbolise one of our aims. We thought the Olympic park was a great asset for London, but was not visited as much as Madam Tussauds (for example). To this day, we remember the excitement with which we took our gloves off in the freezing cold, put our new semi-pro camera on the tripod and aimed at the Aquatic centre… only to realise that the battery wasn’t charged! The disappointment here lasted a few seconds as we decided to fix this problem (as well as the freezing hands) by going to one of Westfield’s restaurants for lunch and re-charge. After that it all went well and we took lots of pictures that tell stories of the different areas in the Olympic park.

After that we started exploring a different topic every week. We stuck our curious noses into underappreciated places, famous places/buildings with secrets, we gave first hand practical advice on various topics related to living and working in London… we even wrote an ebook!

We were pleasantly surprised when restaurants and cafes offered us free food for reviewing their establishment. We always made sure they understand that we will give our honest opinion regardless of the free goodies. It just so happened that they were brilliant at what they do anyway!

We were also approached by a restaurant in central London to try and review their food. It was outstanding!

In the meantime we have run a variety of competitions for you, our followers and visitors. Our readers have won free copies of our guides and books, tea sets, gift cards and more.

We often had to learn new skills on the go or improve current knowledge. One of us specialises in Facebook & Instagram communications and advertising campaigns, while the other one is the Twitter specialist. YouTube is a platform that we’re both in charge of. We had to learn how to use various tools such as WordPress, email marketing and social marketing software etc.
One of the key things we have learnt this year is that creating a blog is interesting and exciting but it is also hard work. It takes dedication and love for what you do.

We would like to thank everybody we’ve met and who helped us make this year unforgettable and whose interest in us kept us highly motivated. Thanks to you and your precious help, we were able to spend some great moments and write about them.
We also would like to thank our partners and sponsors who decided to give a shot to an unknown blog. This means a lot to us that you decided to give us a chance.
In the second year of our blog we wish to have more time and be able to film more and also we would like to meet you guys so we will try to organise some events in which you will be able to take part. This is going to be fun! 🙂
While this year has been amazing, we hope that 2017 will be even better.
Our little heads are buzzing with ideas so watch this space!
Happy reading and who knows… see you around!

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