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Bonfire night Quiz1 min read

On November the 5th, like every year since 1605, Britain will celebrate Bonfire to mark the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’ arrest (following his attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament).

Many of us celebrate Bonfire with fireworks and… bonfires but how much do you know about the plot that led to this yearly event?

We put you to the test so let’s see if you can score an explosive result!

Question #1: How many people were involved in the plot?

Question #2: How long did they plan the plot for?

Question #3: What was the plot called?

Question #4: Who was the ringleader of the plot?

Question #5: How many barrels of powder were planned to be used?

Question #6: When he was captured, Guy Fawkes was tortured to make him reveal some crucial information. Which method was used?

Question #7: How was the powder brought to Parliament?

Question #8: Where was the powder hidden?

Question #9: Why did Guy Fawkes want to blow up the Houses of Parliament?

Question #10: A mask based on Guy Fawkes’ face was used in which Hollywood movie?

Question #11: The slang word “guy” as in “I know a guy” comes from Guy Fawkes

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