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Category: Eating & Drinking

A pint to measure

Have you ever been to a bar, asked for a cocktail and realised that what they served you barely contained any alcohol? Pretty irritating, isn’t it? Now, we know that, in this world, there are much bigger issues than not being served enough alcohol but that’s the kind of bad little experience that can partly ruin…

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The Book Club

There is a nice place in London where you can spend the day and night (at least part of the night). We went there because we thought they were hosting the Vagina Museum. But unfortunately, there is no such thing (at least not in the way we had in mind). It turns out that the Vagina…

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Discover a fascinating culture in London: Ethiopia

In the second instalment of our series about discovering a different culture in London, we will explore Ethiopia. We recently used the Uber cab service. Our driver was a very friendly guy from Ethiopia with whom we had a good chat. He reminded us about an Ethiopian restaurant called Lalibela, which we’ve wanted to write about…

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