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We started this Blog back in 2016 with the purpose of sharing our discoveries of London’s secrets with you, our audience. We have been working on the blog after coming back home from out 10hr-a-day full-time jobs, so forgive us if at times we didn’t deliver up to your expectations. It’s been an amazing, tiring and…

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Snow in London? It’s not an exception, but a tradition.

Everybody is talking about the snow this week, because… well, frankly the snow is everywhere. It is disrupting travel, transport, flights, workplaces and schools… The snow seemed more enjoyable when we had it just before Christmas. Now it’s more of a nuisance for most commuters (with the exception of this person who decided to ski to…

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The landlord checker

The number of tenants is expected to increase in the next few years. Unfortunately, the increase in the number of tenants does not translate into an increase in the quality of rental accommodations. We could almost say it’s the opposite since some landlords know that they can treat tenants badly and still find tenants desperate enough…

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London air quality

London is a big city with a lot of traffic and of course factories etc. This can sometimes bring some air pollution problems. But not all areas of London face the same level of pollution for any given time. If you would like to know the pollution level for an area you will travel to or…

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The best London gift for Christmas

It’s the end of November already. Here we are only one month away from Christmas. Another year that has gone by very quickly, unbelievably quickly in fact. Is time accelerating? We seriously wonder sometimes. Anyway, if it does accelerate, you’d better rush to get those Christmas gifts. Luckily, here comes London Undiscovered to the rescue! A…

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