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Christmas in style3 min read

Christmas is fast approaching. There are many ways you can start ‘preparing psychologically’ for the festive period. You could go to some Christmas markets and fairs, Christmas concerts. You could simply spend time admiring beautiful and giant Christmas trees (the type that cannot fit in most people’s lounges!). If you are grown up enough, you could try one of these bars that serve some great mulled wine. Basically, there are many things you can do to start celebrating Christmas.

One idea we suggest is to go to nowhere other than Harrods!
Yes, you read correctly… the world famous Harrods department store that has been around since 1834! During the last few weeks of the year, Harrods is in full Christmas spirit. And if you go there, chances are you will get some present ideas…. to say the least.

dsc_0703-copyThe Christmas spirit is upon us

Harrods is made of countless departments where you can buy all sorts of luxurious gifts: designer bags, shoes, toys, technology and many more. Each area has its own style and atmosphere. Walking through the shop feels like walking through different worlds.
When you walk around you will see that some places within Harrods already have their Christmas hat on. Their Christmas spirit is all there to be seen and this brings a nice and warm feeling while shopping.

Mulberry at the Ground floor
If you feel generous this Christmas you can treat a loved one with a gift from one of the fine jewellery shops.
The chocolate section
you can walk in the window display so you can be part of the fairy tale
You can walk in the window display so you can be part of the fairy tale

One positive point is that you can buy all your Christmas decorations from one place.
There is a whole section dedicated to that. You can get some green, red or white Christmas decorations to bring the desired feel to your Christmas party.

A traditional Christmas tree with red decorations
The hunter’s Christmas tree
The golden Christmas tree

The Grotto

For the little ones, there is a grotto so they can have fun walking around the Christmas cavern and maybe (if they behaved well) get given a Christmas present (of course, this will be at Santa’s discretion…).

Click here to know the opening dates & times and its location within Harrods.


What London Undiscovered asked for Christmas

Harrods is not only a high end shop but it’s naturally located in a very expensive area. As such, you get to see many, many nice cars. We saw that one. Now we’ve asked Santa for the same for Christmas! 🙂

The weather might be gloomy but start thinking about the festive season to lighten up your mood.
Go to some Christmas related events to clear your mind, feel relaxed or have some fun.
To make your Christmas wonderful we are giving you a chance to win a £100 gift card (click on the picture below). And guess, where you can redeem this gift card?… Harrods of course!:-)

Happy Christmas shopping! (whether you win the competition or not)

Click on the image above to enter the competition


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