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Creative Valentine’s3 min read

Valentine’s in London can feel a bit like a race to impress your loved one.
You feel like you need to get the biggest, shiniest or most expensive present for fear of being called a ‘lousy partner’. But do you really have to spend a fortune to prove your love?
Why can’t we just prepare a thoughtful day and/or evening for our other half?
We think Valentine’s doesn’t have to be about impressing with money but rather with thoughtfulness. And we show you how you can do that.

Make the card first

Valentine’s without a card is like Valentine’s without a flower. Cards are one of the easiest ways to show your other half how much you care and that you’re ready to do anything for them (even burying yourself in coloured paper, ribbons, fabric and tape). We give you some creative ideas for cards you can make yourself:

For more ideas on Valentine’s cards, decorations and recipes, head to our Pinterest profile


It’s no secret that London has many parks. You could go to a park to organise a ‘winter’ picnic. For example: you could prepare some easy to eat food such as:

  • mozzarella, red peppers and bacon skewers
  • or sliced tomatoes with corn and feta salad etc.
  • and some mini tarts for dessert

Plus, of course, some drinks like a nice bottle of wine
To add the required romantic touch… bring some candles. If you do all that (and it doesn’t rain), you will spend a cosy little evening eating, laughing and cuddling.
Don’t forget to bring a blanket or 3 blankets because after all, it’s still February!

Unleash your bottled up romance

At home

A bit like the picnic but this time at home…
You could stay at home and prepare her/his favourite dish but add an extra dose of love or naughtiness to it. Play some romantic music (a guaranteed mood-setter!). Then, after dinner and some heavy flirting, maybe dance slowly. We won’t go into details about what this will lead to. What we can say is that if you do all this, you will spend a great night that would not have happened at a restaurant 🙂

At the museum

If you are looking to impress your Valentine’s, you could go to the Grant Museum of Zoology After Hours on 14 February 2017 between 6.30 PM and 9.30 PM.

For a small fee (£6 only at the door), you will get to enjoy a glass of wine and you will uncover how seduction is done in the animal world. If your other half is the nerdy and romantic type, this could be the perfect evening for him/her.
Get the event’s details here.

We’ve only scratched the surface here but you can see there are many thoughtful things you can do to leave a memorable impression on your loved one. Do or organise something that she/he will remember for a long time. This might sound simple but it really is….just go with your heart. This is the best way to make sure you got it right and to make sure your loved one will enjoy the little surprise you have concocted. No need to go to fancy parties or restaurants. Just keep it simple but thoughtful.

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