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Crossrail: slash the commute time2 min read

When we started our blog last year, one of our first articles we wrote was about Crossrail.
This is a topic we are fascinated by and we knew we would revisit it in the future.
We are now two months away from the first service being introduced: the service between Liverpool Street Main Line and Shenfield. So now is the time to revisit this topic indeed.
There are many things you can learn from Crossrail (you can browse the various sections of the main website or watch some videos on the Crossrail Youtube channel) but this time we would like to write about two things: the Journey Calculator and the 40 stations.

The Journey Calculator

The whole point of Crossrail is to reduce the commute in and around London in order to improve quality of life. If you would like to know how long it will take you to travel from one point to another (both points on the Crossrail line), use the Journey Calculator (you will need to scroll down once you’ve clicked on the link). Hopefully you will be impressed by the reduced journey time!


The 40 stations

On the Crossrail website, you will also find some information about each station that is on the Crossrail line (click on this link and scroll down)


For example, if you choose Bond Street as a station, you will be able to get different types of information such as:

  • the line services from Bond street and when it will open
  • the key journey times from Bond street
  • the Tube upgrade plan
  • the current works being carried out etc.

There is a real effort from the Crossrail team to keep Londoners informed about what is going on and about the benefits of this new line.

We are 2 short years away from the full roll out of the Crossrail services. We just can’t wait!
One of us used to commute from Ilford to Slough a few years ago. That journey took about 2 hours and a few changes. It was really exhausting.
Thanks to Crossrail that same journey will take just 56 minutes and without any changes!!!

As one famous ad used to say… priceless!

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