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A day at Alexandra Palace3 min read

Not far from Highgate Cemetery lies a great spot where you can have a fantastic view of London: Alexandra Palace nicknamed Ally Pally.
There is a lot to say about Ally Pally but we will keep it short and only talk about the fact that you can spend a great day there on a nice sunny day.
If visiting a cemetery (even a non-spooky one like the Highgate Cemetery) is not your thing, then try visiting Ally Pally (it’s only 2/3 miles away from Highgate station).

Amazing views of London from Ally Pally’s hill

The view over London
Alexandra Palace is a historic entertainment venue that was erected on top of a hill. As such the view over London on a clear day is absolutely amazing. You will get to see many landmarks: the Shard, the Walkie Talkie building, the Gherkin, the Orbit and several more. It’s a really beautiful view that you can enjoy while standing or sitting in the park.

Sunshine, tasty nibbles, good times!

The Phoenix
There is a fantastic pub called The Phoenix that has a great outdoor seating area. From there you can also enjoy a fantastic view of London. We had a beer and chips there while it was sunny and while admiring the city. We just didn’t want to leave the place. You got to try this!

Go Ape, you little monkeys 🙂

You can Go Ape!
A new attraction has opened very recently (in March 2017) at Alexandra Palace and that’s Go Ape (the forest adventure park that drives kids and adults monkey!). We didn’t try it ourselves but we spent some time observing the people who did and they seemed to have a great time! So, by the smile on their faces, we recommend you give it a try too!

Seriously, one of the best in town!

Ice cream
Very close to Go Ape, there is small ice cream van (it’s actually not a van but rather a former cab – hence the name, The Ice Cream Cab) that serves some awesome ice creams. In fact, the ice creams were so good that by the time we went to get some, only one flavour was available: mint & chocolate. There might have been a lack of choice but certainly not a lack of taste. We’ll only say one thing – the ice cream did not have time to melt!

We will talk more about Alexandra Palace because it’s an interesting place and there is a lot to say about it.
But for now, we just wanted to share with you that it’s a great place where you can spend a day or an afternoon out. On a sunny day, it really is one of these London places where you have to be. So, time to become all pally… with Ally Pally!

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