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How to deal with London weather3 min read

The weather is a topic that Londoners talk about a lot. It’s not an obsession but it is definitely something that people talk about on a daily basis. There are two main reasons why people talk about it so much. First, let’s face it, London does not have a great weather. And second the weather is quite unpredictable.

In this context, what can you do to deal with that moody London weather?
We give you a few tips that might help plan your days and brighten them up…

The yearly weather

The yearly weather looks like this


The weather does not look too bad. It’s not Siberia but it’s also not exactly Ibiza. One thing that sets the London weather apart is its unpredictability.
It’s hard to plan what to wear or what to do in terms of activities/days out. A day might appear to be hot but don’t be fooled because it could quickly become chilly, especially if you’re still in April or May. So here is some advice to follow to avoid having your day ruined because of the weather.

One thing you should always have with you

There is one item that you always need to have with you: your umbrella.
If it rains, no brainer: bring your umbrella with you.
If the weather’s a bit undecided: bring your umbrella.
If the weather’s warm, don’t be fooled: bring your umbrella!
So you got it, you should ALWAYS have your brollie with you. That way if it rains, it’s not cold and you still feel like walking around, you can.

Be adaptable

When visiting London, it is important you are adaptable. You need to be ready to change your plans at the last minute. Did you decide to walk on top of the O2 but it’s now raining? Ride the cable car instead. It’s a lot of fun, you’ll be high (in the sky not in your head), and you’ll be sheltered from the elements.
Or you wanted to walk the streets of London to chase the landmarks? But the weather has turned nasty? Go to a museum or have a nice afternoon tea instead. We guarantee you will enjoy the experience!

Use a weather app

Picture 3

This might sound obvious but do you have a weather app in your phone?
If you don’t, it could be a good idea to install one (or may be a few, as they don’t always agree on the predictions). It’s important to know what the weather will be like a few hours away or for the next day or next few days.
That way you can plan accordingly. And instead of having only a Plan A in terms of outing, you could have a Plan B or C as well. This means if your main plan falls apart due to the weather, you will still know what to do to enjoy the city.

There’s one app we like and recommend. It’s called Weather Live (on Android or for iPhone). It’s a well-looking app that sends you real-time information, shows you the short term and long term forecasts, tells you about the risk of precipitation and if there’s any wind. It can also send you alerts for your exact location. We like the slick design and its user-friendliness. See for your yourself (picture 3).

Whatever the weather, don’t let it ruin your London stay.
Show the weather who’s the boss!
Yes it can be unpredictable but since there are plenty of things you can do in London, you should not be bored even if it rains heavily. The key is to be adaptable and/or have a few plans lined up. If you are, then you will be busy whether the sun shines or the rain drops.

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