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London Designer Outlet – an undiscovered shopping gem3 min read

For several months, when we drove around Wembley we kept seeing London Designer Outlet (LDO).
We thought it would be a clothes related warehouse or something of that sort.
Naturally, being a bit curious, we decided to go and see what this was and if our assumptions were correct. And we found out that the London Designer Outlet is a shopping area (located just a few short meters to the iconic Wembley Stadium). It’s the newest and largest one-stop outlet shopping place not just dedicated to clothes….

London Designer Outlet, located near Wembley Stadium
It has a separate building to host the parking. Nice.

The perfect place for shopaholics

The London Designer Outlet is a place where you can shop, eat, see a movie and be entertained. There you will find some shops that are quite common such as: Levi’s, Superdry, Skechers, H&M etc.
But you will also find some shops that you wouldn’t usually come across like: Hallmark (greeting cards, gifts etc. – 3 shops in London), ProCook (for glassware, stainless steel cookware and homeware – only 1 in London), Hamleys (toy shop – 6 in London). There is also a Hamleys in Central London (which is bigger) but it is usually full of people making it hard to have some fun looking for a toy.

There are only 3 Hallmark shops in London, and one of the is at LDO
There is only 1 ProCook shop in London, and it is at LDO

Amidst all the shops, one drew our attention….

The Lindt shop

This is a shop you cannot find anywhere else in London. It is the only Lindt dedicated shop in London. As you can imagine it is full of high quality artisan chocolate which in a few words meant paradise for us! They have a Pick n Mix section where you can choose your own flavours. These are flavours you would not find in your high street supermarkets. Amongst the ones we bought we had some Champagne flavoured as well as some Irish Cream Truffles. Needless to say that they didn’t last long! We’ll blame Sandra on that one! 🙂

If you are having a lazy shopping day (or if your girlfriend has dragged you to the shops against your will), you could take the mini train and chill!

A little trip to LDO before an event at Wembley Stadium or the SSE Wembley Arena could be a good idea. You’re guaranteed to spend a great day out. Picture that day for a second…. you could buy your favourite frocks and shoes, eat your favourite food and see your favourite bandor performance all in one day! What could be better?

There are some mainstream restaurant chains, like Wagamama…
… as well as some less known private funky restaurants, like Sugar Dumplin, a Caribbean restaurant


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