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DLR celebrates 30 years1 min read

It’s a well-known fact that London underground is the oldest underground in the world – 150 years. But London has several types of trains to help connect the city. One of them is the DLR (Docklands Light Railway).
Thirty years is quite a landmark so the city has decided to celebrate that important achievement.
There are many ways you can celebrate this event and we show you how.

What is the DLR

Before you celebrate the DLR’s birthday, we need to make sure you actually know what the DLR is. Yes, a bit of education before the festivities.
The DLR is an automated line that operates between the stations Bank or Tower Gateway and Beckton or Woolwich Arsenal or Lewisham.

Here are a few facts about the DLR:

  • Date of first operation: 31 August 1987
  • Length: 24 miles
  • Number of stations: 45
  • Average speed: 50 mph
  • Top speed: 62 mph (100km/h)
  • Mostly driverless
  • Number of passengers carried: 122 million per year
  • Improvement: 43 new air-conditioned trains will be added in 2022 to boost capacity by 30%

How to celebrate

Now the fun part… how to celebrate!
There are many interesting spots on the DLR line so you could stop at one of those places, such as Greenwich, the Olympic Park, Lee Valley Regional Park etc.. TFL has created a brilliant leaflet that gives you some ideas.  You can download it here.
Also, on the 28th August, there will be the East London Waterways Festival which will be rich in free activities for everyone to enjoy. You can use the DLR to get there 🙂

If you decide to celebrate the DLR 30th year of service, don’t forget to share your pictures with the world by using the following hashtag: #DLR30.
Who knows, we might look at your pictures with nostalgia in 30 years’ time.

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