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Escape London3 min read

We love London. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t write about it every week.

As much as we love this city, we recognise that every now and again, it’s important to escape it to better come back to it. It’s a bit like a relationship. Sometimes, you need to spend some time apart to make sure the sparkle does not disappear or to simply reignite the sparkle.
London is already extremely well connected with the rest of the world. You can go pretty much anywhere you want using one of the main airports or train lines. But recently, there have been some even better news. London is/will be now connected with even more great destinations. We explore some of them here.

We visited a nice winery where we tasted different expensive wines.

London – Bordeaux

Bordeaux… its wine, its tasty wine, its amazing wine!
Actually, there’s more to Bordeaux than just wine. It’s a beautiful city with an impressive architecture. If you feel like travelling to Bordeaux but are put off by the journey, we got a solution for you: the Eurostar!
There’s a new London to Bordeaux line that opened just a few weeks ago.
This has been made possible thanks to a new high-speed line that opened in France between Paris and Bordeaux. You will have to change at Gare du Nord (Paris) and then catch another train from Montparnasse train station, but that’s a small price to pay for a fantastic stay in one of the most beautiful French cities!

Direct train London to Amsterdam

We are a bit ahead of the game on that one because it has not opened yet.
It will at the end of this year (2017). So pot-lovers, hang in there, your dream will soon come true J.
You can already go from London to Amsterdam but indirectly since you currently need to change in Brussels (Belgium).
At the end of the year, you will be able to travel directly from London to Amsterdam. Bueno!

Direct flight London to Perth (Australia)

Soon (March 2018), travelling to Australia will become slightly less painful thanks to the landing of a new flight route between London and Perth (in west Australia). Already coined “Kangaroo route”, this new service will bring you to Perth in 17 hours and without any change. Compared to the 20 to 34 hours it currently takes that will be a massive improvement!

Phu Quoc (Vietnam)

London to Phu Quoc (Vietnam)

If you fancy spending a few days on a beautiful island with turquoise waters and golden sands then you will enjoy this new flight route. This is one of Vietnam’s beach hot spots and we are sure you will enjoy it. And the good news is that route is already in service so you don’t need to wait a few months or till next year.

Other destinations to explore

We will not elaborate on them all but here are some other new routes:

  • London Heathrow to Pula (Croatia)
  • London Heathrow to Santiago (Chile)
  • London Gatwick to Granada (Spain)
  • London Luton to Stockholm (Sweden)
  • London Luton to Turin (Italy)

Prepare your trip

We suggest you use a flight aggregator to start preparing your trip.
Here are some you can use:

There are some other ones which you can easily find by doing a quick search on Net.

London is getting more connected than ever so why not explore one of these great destinations (for the ones that are already in service at least)? This will fill your mind with some great memories. Memories you will cherish when you come back to London. Because, of course, don’t forget to come back. Your London journey is not over yet!

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