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Where to find FREE WiFi in London?3 min read

Nowadays, it’s not rare for someone to travel with one smartphone, one laptop and one tablet. Some of us carry even more gadgets around. We like these little toys and they have become an important part of our lives. It sometimes feels like if one of them is missing….a limb is missing. However, we need them to be connected to the Internet to make the most of them. For that, we expect excellent WiFi coverage. If you travel to/around London, you might want to know where you can connect wirelessly (ideally for FREE). The good news is there are countless places where you’ll be able to connect via WiFi for FREE. We present them to you below.

Look for The Cloud symbol
Look for The Cloud symbol

The Cloud

It rains a lot in London so you are forgiven if for a second you thought we were about to talk about weather forecast. No, seriously….The Cloud is the UK’s largest public WiFi network with over 20,000 FREE WiFi hotspots.

It’s very easy to use. Here are the steps (taken from their website):

  • Check that your WiFi is turned on in your settings
  • Select The Cloud from the available network list
  • Open your browser and follow the instructions to register/log in
  • Always connect without needing to re-enter your login details

You can use their Hotspot Finder to know where their hotspots are.

Cafés, Bars and Restaurants

If you would like to know which cafés, bars, restaurants, venues, hotels etc. offer WiFi then use one of these websites/apps:

Many High Street chains offer free WiFi
Many High Street chains offer free WiFi


There are different chains that offer FREE WiFi to their customers. If you planned to eat or drink, maybe you could go to one of these chains:

  • Pret-a-Manger: strangely, it’s not indicated on their website but they do offer FREE WiFi
  • Starbucks
  • Le Pain Quotidien
  • Wetherspoons: as stated here, they offer FREE WiFi via The Cloud
  • Leon: they offer FREE Wifi. See here
  • Coffee Republic
  • Costa Café
  • Café Nero: via The Cloud too

WiFi at Tube stations

If you are a customer of Virgin Media, EE, Vodafone, O2 or Three, you can enjoy FREE Wifi at most Tube stations. If you would like to know which stations are covered, click here

If you are not a customer of one of these providers, then you will need to buy a WiFi Pass which costs:

  • 1 Day: £2
  • 1 Week: £5
  • 1 Month: £15


You can use WiFi for FREE at London’s libraries. You might need to get an LPL card (= London Public Library card) and a PIN (from the library). Read the instructions on how to use the wireless internet at libraries here.

IMG_1731 copy


London airports also offer FREE WiFi:

Trains and Buses

National Express (a bus company) and Abellio Greater Anglia (a train company) also offer FREE Wifi when you use their services.

A word of caution

This article doesn’t list all the places where you can get (FREE) Wifi. But as you can understand, London is very well covered when it comes to WiFi. You won’t have any issues connecting to the Internet from pretty much anywhere in the capital. So, if you don’t have enough data or your mobile contract has expired, simply use one of the many locations and options available to you. This means… no more excuses for not reading our latest blog post! 🙂

Now, go on and explore the city…. whilst being connected!

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