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How to find a job in London quickly: a guide by true Londoners2 min read

Last week we decided to be very secretive and mentioned that we had some exciting news about a coming book.

This week we are going to tell you all about it and the ideas around it.

So what is the ebook about?……drum roll

Ok, let’s give you the title since it is self-explanatory.

The book we’ve been working on for the past few months is called:

“How to find a job in London quickly”

The book is based on our personal experiences on how to find a job in London. We have also done some research to bring you a very useful and easily actionable guide on what to do to secure a job quickly.

Benefits of getting this ebook?Cover

This ebook will:

  • teach you the strategies for an effective job search
  • show you how to find a job WITHOUT interview
  • inform you about the best websites to use to look for a job
  • give you tips on how to submit a strong application
  • tell you how to prepare for a successful interview
  • help you increase your chances of getting a job quickly
  • and more

Who is the ebook for?

Anyone looking for a job in London, whether you’ve been living for several years or are planning to work in the capital.

When will the ebook be available?

The ebook is already out.

You can get it on our website (as a PDF) or on the Amazon website (as an ebook).


We have also started organising some webinars based on the ebook.

The webinars are a condensed version of the ebook and are designed for people who have never looked for a job or who have little experience of looking for one in London*. Each webinar lasts 1 hour and there is a 15 min Questions and Answers (Q&A) session at the end during which you can ask us any job-search related question(s).


*If you are a bit familiar with how to look for a job in London, we still recommend you get the ebook as it could give you some very important advice and tips.


We have put a lot of hard work to bring you this very useful ebook which we are convinced will help you be more successful in your job search.

When looking for a job it is important you use all the tools at your disposal to make sure you are one step ahead compared to other candidates so you can increase your chances of landing the job you want quickly.

This ebook will teach you how to stand out.

So get it now to be ahead of the crowd!


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  8. London Undiscovered London Undiscovered

    Dear readers,
    We would like to clarify that we do not assist users in applying for jobs or coming to the UK. We can only provide helpful information on job application based on our personal experiences.

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