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Speed dating + flat searching = ?2 min read

For many of us, Maths is not exactly a jolly topic.
But can you solve this simple sum that adds two concepts together?
speed dating + flat searching = ?????

The answer: speed flatmating

This is a simple but brilliant concept adapted to the current situation in London and developed by
A lot of people have to rent accommodations. These flats can be shared with maybe one, two, three or even more people.
How do you make sure you end up living with the right type of people and not some dirty or weird ones?
Here comes speed flatmating to the rescue!
We are going to tell you how they can help you find your perfect flatmate(s).

What is speed flatmating?

Watch this little video to get a better understanding of what speed flatmating is about:

How can they help you?

Simply put, if you are looking for a room, they can help you find one and in a house that suits you in terms of atmosphere. But these events are also great for landlords or anyone looking to rent a room.

One example: one of the current flatmates is about to leave and you need to replace him or her so that the people remaining in the property can pay the full rent to their landlord. In this case, you could go to the event to look for someone looking for a room.

Find an event near you

Weekly events are held around central London. Click here to see when and where the next events will take place.


Before going to one of the events, make sure you read the tips so you can make the most of the event:

In London most people have to rent their accommodation.
It’s important to avoid the renting pitfalls.
But it’s also vital you choose the right people to live with.
Speed flatmating can help you choose the right people for you.
The events are run in a friendly atmosphere so even if you don’t find any flat mate, you will still spend a good night out and get to do some networking. But we hope you will get it all: spend a good night out + networking + find the perfect flatmates = winning combination

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