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Get into the Christmas spirit1 min read

Londoners take Christmas very seriously. When you go around London at Christmas time, you can see houses decorated with Christmas lights. Some Londoners really put in a lot of effort.
See for yourself….

Our neighbours have taken extra care with their house decorations. They even had “drops of light” moving up and down at the front of the house
Santa uses the window, not the chimney
The lonely deer and the Christmas tree
Tiny deer and the scary bush shadow
A blue mansion
Snowflakes being projected on the house
Santa is taking over

It was fun going around London properties to see the effort that some fellow Londoners put into their decorations. Some really do take Christmas seriously and it is a great thing they do. Thanks to them our streets stay alive even during the cold and dark winter.
When you’ll walk down the streets of London, if you’re not in the rush, take a few minutes to admire some of the Christmas decorations you will see. We guarantee this will make you feel warm inside and…will get you into the Christmas spirit.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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