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How to get rid of a mouse3 min read

There is one type of animal that is everywhere in London. It’s in the tube, sometimes on the streets and sometimes even in people’s homes.

Once they’re in your home, it is not easy to get rid of them if you do not go about it the right way. Indeed, if you don’t do the right thing they will keep coming back and back and back….but luckily for you, we are going to share one way you can keep them at bay for a long time…


What we did

When we first had an issue with mice, we tried different things but none of them worked. We wanted some humane solution so that the mice would not suffer needlessly.

We tried the usual traps with food but the mice outsmarted us (yep, it doesn’t do much for the ego to be outsmarted by tiny mice) and managed to get the food without being caught. We still don’t know how they managed to get the chocolate and tuna from the highly sensitive devices and get away with it.
We then tried a device that emits ultrasound. But apparently, the mice used it as their sound system and decided to “throw parties” in our flat night after night after night…
Then came the tunnel that was supposed to electrocute them but again nothing. They manage to get the food without being electrocuted.
These solutions might work for others but they didn’t work for us.
Besides, if you think about it, even if they work they would help you get rid of one or a few mice but they will not prevent other mice to get in as well…
But proofing does just that… it prevents them from getting in in the first place. So let us explain how it works and how you can get rid of mice for a long time.

The company used a special paste, some mesh and boards to block the holes.

What truly worked for us

We found that mice proofing is the best approach because with that solution the experts basically identify where the mice come from (or may come from) and they block all these holes using mesh, plaster, grills etc.
This is a brilliant approach that does not cause any pain to mice. They simply cannot get in, or it will take them time and since mice are opportunistic little buggers they will not bother much if your property is hard to get into. Chances are, they will move on and try to find shelter elsewhere.

Recently, when we had that issue we used a company called Inoculand Environmental Services. We are not linked to them in any way but since they did a great job we thought we would share this useful tip with you guys.
The person who came was very efficient and friendly. He carried out a thorough job. He blocked places and holes we didn’t think about blocking ourselves. When he left, we felt secure that the mice would not be able to get in.
Now, we have found our peace of mind again and we feel more relaxed being in our own flat.

The temperatures have dropped to some much lower level in the past week. That’s exactly when mice will try to get into properties because they want food and warmth (who doesn’t?). London has a lot of mice (and even rats!) so chances are you will get some at some point or another (if not already!).
If you have mice in your property, don’t freak out and don’t be nasty to them!
Call a mice proofing expert like Inoculand to the rescue instead so you can avoid days or weeks of headache trying to catch those elusive mice yourself.
You will feel much more relaxed once they’ve proofed your property.

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