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How to get a Visa for London3 min read

If you want to come to London, you will have to take care of some administrative things to get a visa. We know you will enjoy taking care of it because after all, we all love “admin stuff”…..

But there is no choice. This is one of these necessary evils.

Due to some recent events we thought it would be a good idea to remind you guys what is required to enter the United Kingdom (UK) and therefore what is required to get to London.

What is a Visa?

This might sound basic but what is a visa exactly?

A visa is a stamp on your passport (or a travel document placed in your passport) that gives you the authorization to enter a country.

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How do I know if I need one?

People who are coming from a country that is not part of the European Union need to get a visa to enter in the UK. At least that’s the situation for the time being but we won’t get into politics here.

This is an important step, you must get one otherwise you won’t be allowed in the UK. If you don’t know whether you need one or not, contact the British embassy based in your country or visit the website below:

There are 3 main reasons why someone would like to come to the UK.

It can be to:

  • reside
  • work
  • visit (although the website above gives many other reasons). Depending on one of these reasons and the country you live in, your chances of getting a visa will be either high or low.

Where do I need to go to get one?

You can either apply online or you can contact the British embassy in your own country that will explain what to do to get a visa through them.

How long will it take for my visa to be processed?

The processing time depends on three main criteria:

  • The location from which you want to make the application (for example: do you apply from Nairobi? Mumbai? Or Paris?)
  • The visa category (for example: is it visit visa? Points based visa?…)
  • The visa type (for example: is it for a long term visit? Business visit? Family visit?)

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How much will it cost?

The visa application fee also depends on the 3 criteria indicated above. If you would like to know how much it will cost you simply visit the Visa application fees page.

Additional information

For further information about Visas & Immigration click here.


Applying for a visa is not difficult but there are different scenarios possible.

That’s why we didn’t go through them here but rather we thought it would be a good idea to point you in the right direction so you can have an idea of the time and money it could take to get one.

Also, due to the recent political turmoil and uncertainty we thought it would be great to remind everyone about the steps they can take to secure their visa so they can come to London. After all…. No visa, No London!

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    • London Undiscovered London Undiscovered

      If you are already working in London you must have your visa. If not, read this article and follow the links to apply for a visa.

        • Shane Shane

          Hi im i came from philippines but im here in italy since im 15yrs old im 30yrs old now..can i get visa just only 5days or 1week? JUst wanting to visit uk a few days or a wik..

          • London Undiscovered London Undiscovered

            Hi Shane,
            You should be able to get a visa for a week easily. You need to check on their website how long it takes to produce the visa, but usually visitor visas are not that difficult to get.

  1. Simab Ahmad Simab Ahmad

    I am from pakistan and done MBA and working in Pakistan International Airline since 7years ago and I visit the different countries but this time I wish to apply for uk to visit my holidays.
    Please guide me or help me to get UK Visit visa

    • London Undiscovered London Undiscovered

      Hi Simab, we tried to cover all topics about visa application in the article above. However, here’s a quick link for you to read about and apply for a standard Visitor visa: .
      Good luck!

  2. Hi Simab, we tried to cover all topics about visa application in the article above. I can’t understand any thing,plz tell me that how i ll applay visa for 3 holidys.

  3. omojare Ibrahim Juwon omojare Ibrahim Juwon

    I am a nigerian i want to apply for work in london and i have National Diploma (ND) in business administration pkease what is the step to be taken?

  4. olubukola Samuel ajayi olubukola Samuel ajayi

    Hello I want my family and I to relocate to London how do we go about it as we are a family of 4and we don’t have sufficient money in our account to process the visa. Do you do that for people and also get us jobs?




    Dis my number 07066390214

    • Ice Ice

      That’s a crckaerjack answer to an interesting question

  7. London Undiscovered London Undiscovered

    Dear readers,
    We would like to clarify that we do not assist users in applying for a visa or coming to the UK. We can only provide helpful information, or where you can find such information, based on our personal experiences.

  8. babrak khaan babrak khaan

    Dear sirs
    i am phd student of political science and need to study at london library for my thesis at least 3 month please guide me how i fill my visa app and how i can find a b&b and how much costs in total
    best thanks

    • London Undiscovered London Undiscovered

      Dear Babrak,
      You can follow the links in this article to download the application forms and guides for visa application. Costs are mentioned there as well. If you want to know how to save in London, we suggest you sign up to receive our guide “33 ways to save in London”. You could stay at an AirBnB.

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