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It’s the end of the summer now, but there should still be some sunny and warm days, like the Bank Holiday weekend we just had. Usually, in a hot sunny day like this everyone comes out of their shell (house) to enjoy some long desired sunshine.
You think to yourself “I’m not missing out on sun exposure and playing in the park! I’m going out.” You turn up to your local green area only to find out that everyone else had the same idea. The park is full and often there’s little space for you to spread your picnic blanket or to play badminton. You don’t quite feel that you have the freedom you went out for in the first place.

We have a solution for you.

There are parks and wild green forests in London that seem under-explored and can provide that sought after freedom and peace from your busy everyday life.
We explored one of those parks and one forest last weekend and we were happily surprised by what we found.

Jack’s Lake

Monken Hadley Common
This is a large forest in Barnet that has unspoiled, wild feel. It is listed as a “Site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation, Grade I”. Whilst you may not find wild foxes in there, you will see people fishing, cycling, walking or even horse-riding. It is green, quiet and away from the noises of the city. There is even a golf course, but it is sectioned in a way that you cannot access it from the forest.
Jack’s lake is the highlight of the forest. It is enjoyed by many people for different reasons. It has a high score on TripAdvisor too!

The vast forest is excellent for hikers and bikers

Trent Park
Trent Park is in Enfield, just a 5min drive from Monken Common. It is a massive park with Grade II listed buildings. There’s plenty of space for you to jog, play racket games, have picnic, put up a tent (some people were playing musical chairs) or simply run around with the kids until you’re all exhausted. There are some café/bar/BBQ bars there too. We didn’t try them as we were too focused on playing badminton. There is FREE toilet and car park too! If you have time and feel like walking, you can visit Trent House, which is a Grade II listed building. It used to be one of Middlesex University’s campuses until 2012, but its future is now undecided.
You might be lucky enough to spot one of the park’s permanent occupants: deers, rabbits, pheasants.
It was visited by Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill, so why not visit it too 🙂

Trent Park has places to eat (above) as well as places to chill (title image)

Visiting a park and a forest in one day is a good combination. The forest will enable you to rest your sight and get rid of your worries amongst the trees, and the park will allow you to be more active and social. Having both at close proximity is not easy to find. This is why we recommend the above combination.

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