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A Harry Potter pub in London2 min read

A brilliant idea has been launched: creating a Harry Potter pub in London where magic can happen!
The pub will be called Cauldron Wizarding Pub & Inn. The Cauldron will use technology to make magic feel real. Most of the magic will be controlled using your own magic wand….

The concept

The pub will use technology to give you your magical powers. Upon arrival at the pub, wizards (also called customers) will be given a magic wand which they will be able to use to turn on the lights, the fireplace, pour oneself a pint of beer etc. There will also be levitating candles and moving pictures on the wall.
The pub will be very much Harry Potter oriented although they cannot say it easily for trademark reasons. However, if you are not so keen on Harry Potter, know that the pub will also be inspired by magic taking place in other stories written by Tolkien and other authors.
So there is a bit for every magic lover.
As a pub it will offer a good variety of beers, cocktails and other drinks.
Imagine for a second… you could shout an incantation like “Abracadabooze” and here we go, your glass will magically fill up with beer quickly. Niiiccceee! 🙂


The creator of this concept seems to be buzzing with ideas and wants to keep new ideas coming up.
To that effect, magical hackathons will be organised regularly so fans of all backgrounds can come together to invent magical items that will be used in the Cauldron. The place will definitely be kept alive thanks to new magical inventions. Here are the types of hackathons that will be organised:

  • Magical Tech (Hardware+Software – connected devices)
  • Hidden meaning (Design+Tech – adding hidden meaning to the pub’s interior)
  • Magical food (Gastronomy+Tech)
  • Magical cocktails (Mixology+Tech)
  • Magical beer (Brewing+Tech)
  • Magical sweets (Candy+Science)
  • Magical dessert (Baking+Tech)

Support this great idea

The bad news is this pub does not exist – yet. The opening is planned for March 2018 (if they reach their Kickstarter goal and get the funds).
The good news is, it will if you make the magic happen. You will just need to support the Kickstarter campaign which started on 26 June 2017 (date of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter) and will finish on 25 July 2017 at 1 PM BST. They need to raise $500,000 (ca. £388,000) to open it.
We love this idea and hope many Harry Potter fans will support it! You can be one of them and make millions of Potter fans (and magic lovers) happy.Click here to support the campaign on Kickstarter.

We’ve already supported the project as you can see below. Will you?
Please help us make the magically refilling pints a reality 🙂

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