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High-Tech mini golf2 min read

Have you ever heard of Puttshack?
Well before recently we neither.
In a few words Puttshack is a revolutionary mini-golf concept that embraces technology to make the game more fun!
Each game will have 9 holes and will last about 45 minutes to one hour. You will be able to play in groups with your family (children are welcome), your colleagues and whoever else you fancy.

What’s revolutionary about it
The ball is a key aspect that makes this mini-golf idea original. The ball, based on the Trackball technology, knows who it belongs to, how far it has moved, the number of times it’s been hit and a key thing… if you’re winning. So essentially, it’s a type of ‘I know what you did last summer’ ball that knows a lot about you. But of course, there is no point in having just a high-tech ball. So, there will also be state of the art leader boards that will show you how well you play and how you compare against your group/friends.

Where will it be
It will be based at Westfield (the one in West London).
Here’s the precise address:
Westfield London
Relay Square, W12 7GF

When will it open
It will open in March 2018 so mark your calendar!

How much will it cost
It will be £12 per game per adult and £8 for kids under 12.

Puttshack promises to be a great place where one can play mini-golf without worrying about the elements or keeping score! The layout inside will make sure you will want to spend a few hours not just playing mini-golf but also relaxing with friends around a drink or some tasty food.
It’s always great to be amongst the first ones to try a new entertainment venue. So, if you would like to have that privilege, book now!

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