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Hot Tub Boats have come to London1 min read

It seems that nice cycling paths are not the only idea that London has taken from the Netherlands. London also got inspired by their Hot Tub Boats which is some kind of cross between a bathtub and a small boat (called “hot tugs”). By using one, you will be able to go down the Thames for 90 minutes in the most unusual way…

Here are a few features of these floating ‘bathtubs’, basically each hot tug:

  • is 12ft long and can hold 7 people
  • is fitted with an electric engine and can reach a speed of 2.6 knots (ca. 3mph)
  • holds 1800l of water that is heated at 38 degrees Celsius
  • is equipped with an ice bucket so you can chill your drinks

What to expect

How to rent a tug
You will need to go to Islington Boat Club, not far from the British Library. Here’s their exact address. Just bring your swimsuit and a towel. There’s a shower that you can use on the docking site. They have privacy in mind so you will be able to change with peace of mind.

Going down the Thames on a sunny day while sipping some chilled drinks with your mates must be a fantastic experience. And apparently, the experience is even nicer in the winter (because you feel cosy in the hot water when it’s cold outside). So, no need to wait for the summer, this can be enjoyed all year round!

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