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How to walk in London2 min read

There are many ways you can visit London. You can use your car (good luck with traffic!), a bus, the cable car, a boat, the Tube (mind that gap!), a motorbike, a bike, a taxi, a rickshaw (mind the red light!) and possibly other methods we haven’t thought about. You can use any of these or you can simply… walk.

If walking sounds a bit boring, we are going to suggest one idea to jazz it up. The Walkster app!

What is Walkster
It’s an app that gives you ‘walking packages’ so that, when you use it, you get recommended various places for food, drinks and things to see and do.
The app is available on both Android and iOS and it can be used offline.
There is a Premium version that gives you access to 15 walks (the free version only gives you access to 5).

How to use it
It’s very easy to use. You download it and then you select the walk you are interested in. As an example, let’s say we are interested in the Hammersmith River walk.

We click on it and we’re then shown the whole walk on our phone, where it starts, where it stops and the various points in-between.

Let’s say we would like to know more about point #3, we tap on the number itself and we get a summary of what it is.

If we want to get more info, we tap the ‘more info’ link and we’re brought to another page where more quick-to-read info is displayed. They provide you with enough information to make you feel like you’ve learnt something but not too much so that you don’t feel bored and fall asleep mid-way through your walk!

This app is brilliant and we will be using it more this summer. We had a look at several of the places they suggest and these are quality places.
This is a great app that gives excellent walk ideas and places where to stop.
Now, only one thing is missing… the sun.
Oh no wait it’s finally here!
So come on guys use the app and take a little walk outside the ordinary track!

Thanks to pandevonium for providing the title image 🙂 

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