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King’s Cross canal festival2 min read

Last weekend (17-18 June 2017) the Kings Cross Canal Festival took place.
There were many events organised. We didn’t see many of them, but since the weather was terrific, we saw this instead….

There were many people enjoying circus performances on a canal boat
There was a variety of food and drink pop up places
There was also a life boat that offered the “slowest ride on Earth”
We found out that in autumn 2018 there will be 100,000sq m experiential shopping near Granary Square, called Coal Drops Yard. Looks fancy!
We stumbled upon Alice in Wonderland-like environment.
People taking a rest during the festival
Some of the boats that were part of the show
We also visited Camley Street Natural Park. This dragonfly, made of discarded items, welcomes you into the park.
The park has a couple of routes for you to explore…
Camley Park is so tranquil and is the perfect escape for the hot days.

Next year, we’ll try to plan better because the King’s Cross Canal Festival hosts different events such as: regatta, live music, circus performances, river tours, fun family activities etc. We’ll try to attend those events.

However, we were very happy with our little tour and discovery of the Granary Square area. We may not have seen many of the Canal Festival events, but we saw a lot around the canal. There’s much to discover so we encourage you to not only go to the event next year but to also discover the area much sooner than that.

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