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The Language Show London2 min read

London has many exhibition centres spread in different locations across the capital. As such, it can host many events throughout the year.
Last week-end, we attended one such event: The Language Show. This year it took place at the Business Centre in Islington. If you are passionate about languages this is a place you should go to.
So if you have not been able to make it this year, try to attend it next year because there are several good reasons why you should attend it. Here are a few….

The Sessions
The event takes place over 3 days. During those 3 days, there were several good presentations that were held. For example, we saw 3 presentations.
One was about how to make language learning stick (very useful for people who got a goldfish memory like we do), another one was about the use of short films to boost language learning and the third one was about how to network efficiently.
We really felt we got something out of these presentations. It was an eye opener and we learnt techniques that are easy to apply so we will use them.

The Exhibitors
The show is not too big so you don’t have hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors which is just as well. This means that if you spend a day there, you will be able to talk to all the exhibitors you are interested in and spend quality time discussing and asking them questions.

Find your next job
If you want to get a job related to languages then this is the place for you.
You will be able to network and talk to organisations that offer jobs that require language skills.
Isn’t that great that there is an event that celebrates languages and language learning? This is the kind of thing that makes London interesting.

You’ve got events just about anything. We will use the tips learnt this past week-end. Sandra will use them to improve her French (oui, oui) and Julien his Spanish. With the “black belt” tricks we learnt we are sure we will make some progress very quickly.

Adiaŭ (Goodbye in Esperanto) 🙂

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