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Latest Fashion Trend: Sustainable Fashion3 min read

The London Fashion Week took place last week.

While it must be nice to attend such an event to see some skinny fries stroll up and down the catwalk we would like to talk about fashion in a different way.

You see, fashion can be more than just beautiful clothes on some nice perky bums.

We like fashion with an additional purpose.

There are some little geniuses out there who come up with some truly great ideas to make our clothes more environmentally friendly, for example, so that fashion can be sustainable. That’s why we love London… it’s buzzing with unsung heroes with great ideas!

But before we go into the interesting ideas to solve the issues caused by our current ways of producing and buying clothes, let’s remind ourselves why such ideas are not only important but vital!


A few facts about an unsustainable situation

Here are few shocking facts about the Fashion industry in the UK and globally:

shopping-606993_1920 copy copy
Nearly 2 million tons of clothes are being thrown away every year in Britain alone!

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable Fashion is a fairly new trend in fashion that puts the environment and social responsibility at the forefront when it comes to designing and manufacturing clothes. This means that the clothes are designed with materials that have a very limited carbon footprint and by workers whose working rights have been respected (= they are treated fairly, get a fair salary, a fair employment contract and work in a safe environment). The clothes are also made to resist the test of time rather than being weak so customers have to change them ‘every week’.

There are a few things to consider when making fashion sustainable:

  • the renewability of a fiber and its type
  • the process involved to turn the raw fiber into textile
  • the working conditions of the workers
  • even the marketing material should be made from sustainable sources (for example: recycled paper)

beauty-725094_1920 copy copy

What materials are used in sustainable fashion?

Sustainable clothes can be made from different materials:

  • organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and others
  • recycled fibers (i.e: old clothes)
  • plastic
  • fish: to create fish leather (to avoid creating leather from endangered species)
  • plants: can be used as natural dyes to colour textiles and accessories

Try and buy clothes containing that kind of materials so you can do your bit towards the environment and the workers.


Where can you buy sustainable clothes in London?

Here in London there are several shops where you can buy sustainable and ethical clothes from.

If you are interested, try these ones as a starter.

blouse-792803_1280 copy

We all want to look good and like to throw on some nice clothes – especially when we want to impress the opposite sex on a night out.

But, we live in London and we have the possibility to buy from ethical sources. And sustainable clothes look just as hip or elegant as their mainstream alternatives!

Living here gives us the possibility to look good and do good.


Let’s not think twice! Let’s buy sustainably!


Do you know of any sustainable shops in London? If yes, please send us some info about them.


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