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London games festival 20181 min read

From 5th until 15th April, the 3rd annual edition of the London Games Festival will take place in various locations across the capital.
The festival is for game lovers and game creators.
During those 10 days, there will be many events to choose from.
For example, on Saturday 7th April, Trafalgar Square will be transformed in a one-day-only game spot covering augmented reality games, esports, hands-on games and workshops. There, you will be able to play against pro gamers but also other players. The Trafalgar Square Games Festival will be free to attend.

However, there other events taking place during those 10 days, such as:

  • Ensemble: which celebrates the work done in the Gaming industry by developers from BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) backgrounds
  • VR Show: which will host the AR & VR Gaming Arcade so you can play some immersive games
  • Games Character Parade: which will give you the occasion to display your favourite game characters and design while parading in the streets of the capital
  • And others…

Some events are free but some require a fee so check the website before you go. Also, the events that are part of this Festival will be held at various locations across London so again make sure you check the website to know where they are.

Once the checks are done, go to the Games Festival, let your inner child out and have fun playing!

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  1. Wth. Most of what I keep seeing for VR are graphically inferior, gimmicky trash. After Skyrim I see these static, stale games like what the Kinect and PS move produced when we all know that so much more is possible. Whats worse is we keep praising these trash games as innovative when they are chunky looking, plotless puzzlers and on rails shooters. The only game that looked like it was taking advantage of what VR could do was Code 51 Mech Arena. Stop praising these trash games and start praising games that push our boundaries. Where are the real RPGs, flight sims, and adventures with visuals and sound so stunning it melts my face. Stories that put you IN the game and make us live in these VR realms True there are a handful of awesome games like Moss, but the majority just look terrible Just my opinion but no one else seems to be talking about this.

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