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How to get some amazing London souvenirs2 min read

You might have been to London as a tourist or maybe you plan to go there as a tourist.
Either way, you know that you will have to bring presents back to friends and family.
If you don’t, it might be a good idea to not go back home….
But what London souvenirs are you going to get them? What will make them jump in your arms and kiss you all over because you got them a present from… London?!!
We think we might be able to help you become the ‘superhero dad/mum’ or ‘superhero friend’ you’re aiming to be.

Shortbread biscuits come in boxes with different designs

Many places/museums you will go to have their own gift shops.
For example the London Transport Museum has one, Shakespeare’s Globe has one, the Greenwich Observatory too has one etc.
But some shops stand out because they are specialised in London souvenirs and have thousands of items to choose from.
So whether you are after a coin purse, a mug, a mini double decker bus, a fancy t-shirt, a map of London Underground or else, you can find it in one of these shops.
The best shops to go to are Cool Britannia (in Piccadilly Circus) where you will be welcomed by a colourful character and Crest of London (not far from Trafalgar square).
Alternatively, you can also walk on Oxford Street and you will find several souvenir shops. So if you go back home without any present, it’s really because you didn’t try hard or at all.

Coin purses are very popular

If you are staying at a friend’s house in one of London’s boroughs, there’s a chance that they may have a Sunday market. Sometimes you can find a stall with some fairly-priced souvenirs that you can’t find in central London. They are a good (and often unexpected) find!

People love London souvenirs and you can’t really go wrong if you get a souvenir from the capital.
But if you’ve been to London and forgot to buy some presents, don’t stress. It’s 2017 and many souvenir shops have their own online shop so you could use that option. And if you don’t have the occasion to come to London, this could be your way of getting a little something about London.


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