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London Theme Park1 min read

London has it all or does it? Let’s see…
World class theatres? Checked. Beautiful parks? Checked. An equivalent to the Silicon Valley? Checked. A theme park? Pass!

Actually that missing piece will not be missing for long because…
London will soon have its own theme park!!! 🙂

It’s a bit of a stretch to call it a London theme park but I guess you have to appeal to the general public (and on a global level). So it’s best to say London than Swanscombe (its true location in Kent).
The park is promising to be amazing! Here are a few features…..


  • Inspiration: The park will be inspired by some of Paramount’s smash hit movies such as: Titanic, Transformers, Forrest Gump, Iron Man, Top Gun
  • Amenities: Europe’s largest water park, Europe’s biggest performing arts centre, cinemas, restaurants, theatres (offering West End quality shows), live music venues, conference centre, hotels, science & education complex and a training academy for the entertainment sector
  • Number of rides: about 50
  • Ticket price: for a day should be about £55
  • Number of daily visitors expected: around 40,000
  • Size: 872 acres
  • Number of employees: 25,000
  • Cost: £3.5 Billion
  • Location: Swanscombe in Kent
  • Opening year: 2021 but with further rides opening in 2022

This project is a great one and some interesting organisations have decided to be associated with it such as: Aardman studios (which gave us Wallace and Gromit), the British Film Institute and more. At this stage we don’t have too many facts to share but we will as soon as we learn more.

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