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London’s pretty graffiti2 min read

When we travel around London we sometimes spot some amazing graffiti work. They are so colossal that they should not be missed out. In fact, there are special tours organised for graffiti-keenies to go around town and see/photograph the best masterpieces. Here are a few to get you started:

Whether you think that graffiti are works of art or not, we are sure you will appreciate the following pictures for their idea, creativity, detail, colours or simply execution. This is our collection so far, and still growing.

This is one of the first graffiti that we found when roaming around the docks. It spells out “Paint” with inflated balloon type of letters.
Also somewhere in the docks, this bursting with colour and flowers picture brought a feeling of spring on a cloudy autumn day.
A shadow of a man near Brick lane
A big bird near the Museum of Happiness (click me to read more about it)
Near the Barbican (click me to find out more) we found quite a few drawings that inspired us. What animal do you think this is?
Political or scientific? You decide! But the “Keep out” sign that was originally there seems to play a role.
Luke… I am your father… I live by the side of this block… and I got pixelated over time.
We didn’t know that aliens may have problems with their eyes. But apparently they do. They also come here to clean up our graffiti just so that they can do their own.
The race with time applies to all cultures and beings.
Very strong and very futuristic.
We found this bat flying on the wall of Camley park near Granary Square.

If you go on a graffiti tour, or you are simply as excited as we’re about having a graffiti collection, email us your pictures and we will publish them with a reference to your name/username. Happy snappy! 🙂

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