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Make London a National Park City2 min read

London is well known for its parks. But what if the city was transformed into a “giant park”? That’s the great idea that’s been put forward by the London National Park City movement. This project aims at making London greener, fairer, healthier and in overall more beautiful. Will you support it?

Project introduction

Imagine if London was like a “giant Richmond Park” with beautiful trees, plants and animals roaming the streets. With deers on the Tube and foxes boarding buses without their Oyster Card!
By the way, the idea of a fox on a bus might sound crazy but it happened before!!! Check for yourself here.

Anyway, just got carried away a bit. But, seriously, a greener London would be fantastic! We’re already blessed with some amazing parks but let’s take it to the next level.

Benefits of being a National City Park

Here are some of the benefits taken from the National City Park website:

“Loads of parks” vs “National City Park”

True London already has many parks. But the concept of a National City Park goes beyond just parks. It’s also about the streets, the rivers, the gardens and the buildings. It’s about improving the entire London habitat.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more, we recommend you click on the following links:

Declare your support

If you like what you learn about this fantastic project, agree with it and would like to support it, just declare your support here.
Let’s help this unusual project and let’s make London a National Park City a reality!

Imagine London with more trees, green and animals. That would be amazing.
So let’s make it happen!
When that happens we will truly be living, in a good way, in an urban jungle.

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