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Snow in London? It’s not an exception, but a tradition.

Everybody is talking about the snow this week, because… well, frankly the snow is everywhere. It is disrupting travel, transport, flights, workplaces and schools… The snow seemed more enjoyable when we had it just before Christmas. Now it’s more of a nuisance for most commuters (with the exception of this person who decided to ski to…

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When a statue talks

Over the years, we have walked the streets of London a lot and have walked passed its statues countless times and yet up until recently we hadn’t noticed that the statues wanted to talk to us…. London’s statues are the opposite of London commuters: the statues are ‘lively’ and want to talk! 🙂 If you want…

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The landlord checker

The number of tenants is expected to increase in the next few years. Unfortunately, the increase in the number of tenants does not translate into an increase in the quality of rental accommodations. We could almost say it’s the opposite since some landlords know that they can treat tenants badly and still find tenants desperate enough…

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