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Piccadilly gets a new Screen1 min read

At the beginning of the year (2017), one of the most iconic symbols of London went dark. The unimaginable happened: the Piccadilly giant screen was switched off!!!!!
But lucky for all the screen-addicts out there this was a temporary measure because the screen will be back.
Actually it is planned that this autumn (2017) it will be back.
It will be bigger, brighter and in one word: better!

The new screen will be slightly creepy though because it will track people and cars that pass by and so it can display targeted ads. This might be technically innovative but as we said the idea behind it is… creepy!
Although it will collect data to analyse the surrounding crowds, it will not collect and store personal data.

A few facts about the new screen

  • Size: 790 square meter (= 4 tennis courts)
  • Colour: the screen can produce 281 trillion different colours from 11 million pixels
  • Spying features: the giant screen will analyse cars’ make, model and colour and people’s age, gender and feelings (!!!!) so targeted ads can be shown
  • WiFi: the screen will provide complimentary WiFi for people in the surrounding area
  • Display: every 10 minutes a 30 seconds ad will be shown. The rest of the time live videos will be streamed, sports results and feeds from social media platforms will be shown
  • Interaction: people will be able to interact with the brands
  • First brands: the first brands to show their ads will be Hyundai, Samsung, Coca-Cola and L’Oreal because they’re worth it (ok, that was an easy one)
  • Launch date: no set date but it will be in autumn so any time now

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