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How to keep your resolutions4 min read

Resolutions… what a brilliant idea! Every year is the same. We have plenty of them in mind and we are sure we will stick to them but come the end of January and they’ve all evaporated and in the end we barely manage to stick to one. We’ve all heard that story before. But what are the remedies that can help us stay on course? We’ll tell you how to keep them, plus – we’ll share with you some information about a completely different type of resolution that you should attend….

Develop a strong willpower

When talking about resolutions, there is one aspect that is very important: willpower. Without it, you will not go far. You need to make sure you have or develop a strong willpower. You need to make sure you have a high level of energy which can be accomplished by having some good nutrition habits, meditating, reducing stress, exercise and sleep well. But this can also be accomplished by encouraging yourself and by eliminating the use of negative words such as “I can’t”. Instead, develop a can-do attitude and use words such as: “I can”.

Fight the temptations! May the Power be with you!

Break your goal down

If the goal you set for yourself sounds daunting, just break it down. That way you will not be too harsh with yourself which should make it easier for you to stick to a challenging but reasonable plan.
For example: don’t say things like “I will give up chocolate”. That sounds almost impossible if you’re a chocolate lover and you eat it daily like we do (ups 😛 )!
If your goal is to completely stop eating chocolate, say something like this instead: “I will eat chocolate 3 times a week”. And if that works, maybe you could reduce to once a week after a while. And if that plan works, you can stop altogether after a few weeks.

See the fun part in what you do

If you fail to see the fun part in trying to reach your goal, you will fail to reach it. This is as simple. You need to enjoy doing what you’re doing otherwise you will not stick to it for long. So, use your imagination to try and put some fun in reaching your goal. For example, we’ve been trying to go to the gym at least a couple of times a week for the past year. But that didn’t always work out as planned, as we both have very busy and demanding jobs. But recently Santa brought us a multi exercise machine which is easy and fun to use! We can drag it out from underneath the sofa and work on the biceps, triceps, thighs, tummy, etc while watching a movie.

Use images

If, for example, your dream is to one day travel to London, put images of London on your fridge. This will give you some extra boost and will help you focus on that goal which should help you achieve it. Visualisation is very powerful (and helpful) when it comes to achieving goals!

Clarify what it is exactly that you want to achieve and write it down. Then draw a smiley face next to it 🙂

Write your goal down

A bit similar to the previous idea, write your goal down and post your notes in places you go through often so you are reminded of your goal.
You should also talk about that goal to friends and family so they can boost you morally which should help you reach your target. Or if they’re not really nice they might nag you to death which could also help you reach your target 🙂

Follow these simple steps and you will increase your chances of keeping your resolution(s). If you want some resolution ideas you should read this.

Another type of resolution

We’ve spoken about sticking to resolutions. Now let’s talk about ‘a resolution you should attend’: Resolution 2017 Festival

Whatever your resolutions are, do your best to stick to them. This should give you the opportunity to meet other Londoners and hopefully make some friends. This will make living in London even more enjoyable.
As an idea, you could make attending Resolution 2017 one of your resolutions… 🙂

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