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The London Marathon (which will take place on Sunday 24 April this year) is one of the most important sporting events and marathon races in the world.

It has been happening every year for more than 30 years.

But how much do you know about it? We would like to put you to the test. Take our quiz below.

If you get over 80% of the answers right, you’re a real marathon wizard! If not, we will make you run one!

Just joking of course 🙂

Good luck to everyone brave enough to take our quiz and better still…anyone who actually runs the marathon!


If you would like to receive all the correct answers, drop us an email at:

Question #1: When was the London Marathon created?

Question #2: Which group is always present at the London Marathon?

Question #3: What are the different groups of starters?

Question #4: Where will the 2016 London Marathon finish?

Question #5: When were wheelchair racers admitted at the London Marathon?

Question #6: Who founded the London Marathon?

Question #7: Roughly, how many people wanted to take part and how many will take part in the 2016 London Marathon?

Question #8: How far in advance do you need to enter the ballot to apply?

Question #9: Which celebrity has taken part in the London Marathon more than once?

Question #10: When was the Female London Marathon introduced?

Question #11: What does the London Marathon winner win?

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