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Snow in London? It’s not an exception, but a tradition.2 min read

Everybody is talking about the snow this week, because… well, frankly the snow is everywhere. It is disrupting travel, transport, flights, workplaces and schools… The snow seemed more enjoyable when we had it just before Christmas. Now it’s more of a nuisance for most commuters (with the exception of this person who decided to ski to the office in London).
We were also affected by the snow today by having car problems on the way to work.

A question that keeps popping up in Londoners’ heads every winter is “We have snow (almost) every year. Why are we not prepared, as a nation, to cope with it like other countries do?”. We have personally been asking ourselves this for years. And we may have stumbled upon an answer at last!

It has always been like that.

We know, that’s not a great answer to a question almost as popular as “Why do we exist?”, but there you have it. If you search for “snow in London” on YouTube you will see videos from 2018, 2017, 2015, 2012…. All the way down to the 90ies and 80ies.

The interesting bit here is that the news about the snow storms of those times sound (and look) very similar to the modern day news (with the exception of more modern technology these days).
Have a look at them and decide for yourself. What are the differences and similarities of today with this situation from 1991?

How about 1981?

Let us know your experience of snow and how do the authorities in your area deal with the situation in the comments below.

We leave you with this flashback in time.
And to end on a more positive note, snow does give a special look and feel to the city. Here’s an inspiring time-lapse of snowy central London.

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