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Steemit and Belacam – How to get paid for posting2 min read

A revolution is under way!

There is an incredible technological change that is taking the world by storm and that’s the Blockchain.
We won’t even try to go into any technical details here but what we can say is that this revolution is bringing us some brilliant new platforms. We will talk about two of them today: Steemit and Belacam. Both put content creators back in the driving seat and we explain why…..

What are Steemit and Belacam

“Steemit is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content.”

“Belacam is a social media site where users get paid for the photos they post. You earn Belacam each time someone likes your post, and you give a little each time you like someone else’s.”

Yes, you got this right. Anyone posting on those platforms can get paid if their content is successful and liked by those platforms’ users.

How awesome is that?!!

Before the creation of Steemit and Belacam a blogger would have to rely on advertisers, affiliate links etc to make a living. Now a blogger (or anyone who posts content) can directly be rewarded for his/her content putting him/her back in the driving seat. This makes these platforms much more interesting than let’s say… Facebook. Currently, Facebook makes money (and you not) if you post on Facebook. Plus, you even have to spend money to advertise your content so not exactly attractive… But with Steemit and Belacam you just need to focus on your content, on commenting and growing your number of followers and you will get rewarded.
Needless to say that, as bloggers, we love this idea.

Support Steemit and Belacam

If you love the idea behind those platforms, support them by creating your own profile, posting regularly and increasing your audience. And of course, tell people you already know about them!

Follow us on Steemit and Belacam

We love the idea so much that we have already created our profile on both of them. So far, we’ve been more active on Steemit which seems to be already more established.
But we are available on both platforms so check us out here: Steemit and Belacam (in the search box type: london_undiscovered)

The unfair status quo about the way bloggers are rewarded (or rather not rewarded) needed some serious shake-up. Steemit and Belacam have the potential to become game changers. Please give them your support to make sure they can be around for a long time to come and of course follow our adventures on them 🙂

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