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SuperStar BBQ experience4 min read

Our regular readers know that we are some kind of foodies. We love trying new succulent food that tastes like nothing we have tried before. We are constantly on the lookout for something new to try. London is a perfect playground for that with hundreds of restaurants providing dishes from all around the world. And we want to share with you any restaurant we think is not only good but excellent.

We were recently invited to try the food of SuperStar BBQ which is a South Korean restaurant. We thought it would be a great idea since we don’t know much about South Korean cuisine. And, yes we can confirm it…it was a great experience!! We tell you why below. Your taste buds will soon become uncontrollable… 🙂

DSC_1279 copy
Pa jeon (seafood pancake)

The food

We tried different dishes and everything was just incredibly tasty. We had some beef Boolgogi and what nicely surprised us most was how tender the beef was. It’s one of these moments when you feel the food almost melt in your mouth.

DSC_1259 copy
Staff will help you set the grill when you are ready

Some of the food comes with the proper experience of… well, cooking it yourself! The grill in the middle of the table is heated to the customer’s satisfaction and timing, where you can place the meat you have ordered (see the video below). This guarantees that your food will be cooked to your liking and will be hot (literally off the grill). The grill plate can be changed to a clean one whenever you wish so.

We also had some Kimchi (pickled cabbage) and Pa jeon (seafood pancake) as well as chicken Boolgogi. And for every dish the same thing happened… we just wanted more of it!

DSC_1257 copy

The restaurant

The restaurant is clean, has a warm feeling, is well decorated and is spacious. The lighting is very interesting and well designed. There’s also added bonus – you can observe the hustle and bustle of central London outside the window, while you’re dining in a calm atmosphere.

DSC_1297 copy
The Bar is in the center of the restaurant, so there’s always staff around if you need them

The staff

We have eaten in many places and often the staff is ‘ok’ (sometimes sadly the staff is rude) but here the staff just knows its stuff. They are friendly but not over the top. They keep a proper eye on each table to make sure you have a good time and that everything is kept clean. They are very patient when explaining how the grill works. They are not too present but they are never far away if you need anything.

DSC_1305 copy
The Karaoke room is on the lower floor with sufficient space


There is also a Karaoke room. It is spacious and well equipped. Perfect for a karaoke night with friends! It costs £100 per hour, which we think is slightly on the pricey side, but if you are ten people then you won’t feel the pain. Besides, as indicated, it will guarantee you spend a great night.

DSC_1261 copy

Location, location, location

Added bonus….its location. SuperStar BBQ is well located. It’s close to Tottenham Court Road, the West End and Soho. So it’s very central and from there you can go to the theatre if you want or to a club etc.


What others say

Before eating in a restaurant, we like reading a bit about it to see if people have had bad experiences and what they think of the place in general. The reviews we saw on both Google Reviews and Tripadvisor completely reassured us, which is also why we decided to go there. We thought some of them were a bit over the top but we now actually agree with them!

DSC_1290 copy
Kimchi (pickled cabbage) soup

SuperStarBBQ is a place we strongly recommend.

If you want to eat some great South Korean food and have a fantastic time, this is the place. We will definitely go back to it ourselves.

In the Story section of their website, they say: “SuperStar BBQ is a taster of the lifestyle in Seoul”.

If that’s what life tastes like in Seoul, maybe we’ll pack up our suitcases for the South Korean capital soon 🙂

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