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Heathrow pods

If you travel to London and land at Heathrow Terminal 5, there is a little secret you need to know: the Heathrow Pods. It’s an entirely electric, automated and free transit system that can bring passengers from the car park to the Terminal 5 building. Its main benefit lies in the fact that it shortens this…

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Snow in London? It’s not an exception, but a tradition.

Everybody is talking about the snow this week, because… well, frankly the snow is everywhere. It is disrupting travel, transport, flights, workplaces and schools… The snow seemed more enjoyable when we had it just before Christmas. Now it’s more of a nuisance for most commuters (with the exception of this person who decided to ski to…

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AirBnB for luggage

Imagine you travel to London. You get an accommodation in Ilford (= East London, close to the Olympic Park). The day you leave your checkout is at 10 AM, you cannot leave your luggage at the place where you were staying (= you’ve been properly ‘kicked out’) and you wanted to visit a museum in Central…

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Escape London

We love London. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t write about it every week. As much as we love this city, we recognise that every now and again, it’s important to escape it to better come back to it. It’s a bit like a relationship. Sometimes, you need to spend some time apart to make sure the…

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