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The Book Club1 min read

There is a nice place in London where you can spend the day and night (at least part of the night). We went there because we thought they were hosting the Vagina Museum. But unfortunately, there is no such thing (at least not in the way we had in mind). It turns out that the Vagina Museum is not a museum demystifying the female organ but is more like Vagina Talks where some speakers will talk about the female organ.
Once again things didn’t go as planned.
But that didn’t stop us from visiting the place in question. It is called The Book Club (TBC). Despite the name there are no books (at least we didn’t see any) but it is well worth a visit….

TBC is a place that revolves around two basic concepts: day and night.
During the day, you can hang out there and enjoy their food and cocktails, play ping pong (yep there is a table there) or simply relax.

At night and during the week, they organise speed dating or quiz nights and also some cultural events around Thinking & Drinking. Two of Londoners favourite pass-times, especially the drinking bit. On weekend nights, the place is transformed into a party scene with local and national DJs playing their set there.

The Book Club is a nice place where you can spend many hours. It’s open between 9 AM and midnight every day so you could go there to eat, play ping pong and finish the night dancing or engaging in an intellectual discussion.

Whatever you do you will enjoy hanging out at TBC because it has that friendly and relaxed atmosphere which us Londoners like.

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