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The Museum of Happiness3 min read

With the recent series of events that took place in London, you could be forgiven for not feeling too jolly or happy. But, we should not let negative events (no matter how bad they are) forever delete our smile or joie de vivre. If you feel low or unhappy, there’s one place you should head to… the Museum of Happiness (MoH).

This is where the museum is based for now. But they are fundraising for a bigger place.

The Museum of Happiness

The idea behind this museum is very simple: make London (and actually the world) HAPPY!
The creators of the museum believe that a happier world is a better world.
And of course that means that a happier London is a better London.
To help you achieve happiness (they believe it’s a skill that can be learnt by anyone), they run different classes and workshops. The events are around relaxation, yoga, meditation, art therapy, science based techniques to teach you how to be happy and how important it is.
You can attend the events by joining their Meetup group.
By joining the group, you will be part of their community (don’t worry it’s not a sect!). Being part of a community is important because as the MoH says it: “Happiness arises from ‘we’, not just ‘me’. Warm, loving relationships with friends and family really matter. We’d love to see MoH as a family of people coming together to make a difference in the world

Interesting stories on the wall prompt for your reply on the blackboard below.

It’s important to remember though that they will not force happiness upon you which would make you uncomfortable which in turn would be counterproductive. They even have a story to remind you of the fact that you are allowed to be sad or grumpy. Here’s that little story….

A little gem nearby

When we went to the Museum of Happiness, we stumbled upon a market that is not as well-known as Borough Market, but is definitely worth knowing. It’s called: Sunday Upmarket(open on Sundays only from 10AM till 5PM).
We liked it because, in a relatively small space, they serve some great food from different corners of the world: Caribbean, Vietnamese, Latin American, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern and more. Sandra got to try her first sugar cane juice. Tasty and truly refreshing on a hot summer day!
We are convinced the museum will brighten up your day but so will that little known market if you try their meals!

Sugar cane
There is plenty of choice of cuisine and other items in the Sunday market

It might sound strange for some people that a Happiness Museum is required in London to show people how to be happy. But, these are the times we live in. Strange or not this type of museum is an excellent idea and is required. Many Londoners suffer from depression or unhappiness. Anything that can help lift their mood up is welcome by us. After all, a Happier London is a better London!

And what is happiness without chocolate? There’s an amazing shop for true chocolate opposite the market

Before we go, here’s one little gift that we’re sure will make you Haaappyyyy!… 🙂

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